Forest corridors in Brazil (framework planting)

Atlantic Forest in São Paulo state, Brazil
The Atlantic Forest in Brazil is the world's most important ecosystem next to the Amazon forest - and it's quickly disappearing. Less than 15% of the forest remains; if we don't take action now, it will be gone within a generation. That's why Retopia, a partnership between Arne Quinze, Go Forest, and South Pole, is working hard to restore the Atlantic Forest by planting forest corridors that connect existing plots of forest. One restoration method we use in Retopia is the framework planting method, in cooperation with our field partner IPÊ. F...Read more
sqm of Atlantic Forest planted
tonnes of CO₂
absorbed during lifetime
trees per hectare
jobs per 100 hectares
kg of food per tree
hectares of land available


Care for communities

At Go Forest, we don’t just plant trees. We engage in much more, such as ensuring sustainable support for local communities. We do so by using the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which serve as a blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and in the future. Depending on the region and the project, you’ll be supporting different SDGs.
1 No poverty
2 Zero hunger
6 Clean water and sanitation
8 Decent work and economic growth
13 Climate action
15 Life on land
17 Partnerships for the goals