Reforestation in Belgium

Thousands of hectares of forests are threatened by climate change, pests, and diseases in Belgium. That is why we, together with Sylva Nova, decided to give the forest ecosystem in Belgium a hand as well. We have two project types: 1) Additional forest: We are planting new forests on neglected land or agricultural land. 2) Non-additional forest: We restore existing forests and make them more resilient. In Belgium and Europe in general, we do not always have new land available for forests. This is caused by the fragmentation of ownership and...Read more
trees planted
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Care for communities

At Go Forest, we don’t just plant trees. We engage in much more, such as ensuring sustainable support for local communities. We do so by using the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which serve as a blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and in the future. Depending on the region and the project, you’ll be supporting different SDGs.
13 Climate action
15 Life on land
17 Partnerships for the goals